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Welcome to my world of horse photography, where I celebrate the timeless bond between horse and landscape. Nestled in the breathtaking beauty of Dartmoor, Devon, my work transcends traditional horse photography by blending the majestic presence of horses with the awe-inspiring scenery of one of the UK's most stunning natural environments.

With a deep understanding of both horses and the Dartmoor landscape, I strive to ensure every photo I take is a masterpiece. My modern documentary style creates powerful, emotive images that resonate with equestrian enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

Immerse yourself in the artistry of equine photography. Explore my gallery and book a session today to experience the unique blend of horse and landscape photography that I am passionate about delivering.


Dartmoor Horse Photography Workshops

Looking to develop your equine photography skills?, my Dartmoor Horse Photography Workshops are perfect for you.

Join me as we spend time out on the moor, capturing stunning images of Dartmoor ponies. I’ll guide you through the hidden gems of Dartmoor National Park, teaching you the fundamentals of great horse photography. You’ll learn to frame and capture images of the Dartmoor ponies with the moor’s dramatic scenery and vibrant colors as the backdrop, creating breathtaking photographs.

This is an extraordinary opportunity to visit off-the-beaten-track destinations and hone your horse photography skills with the majestic Dartmoor ponies. I look forward to helping you enhance your craft.

I am proud to be working with The English National Park Experience Collection, telling the stories of our landscapes and their people.

Explore the World of Equine Photography

Join Malcolm by either booking one of his bespoke/private hire or fixed group horse photography workshops


“Hi Malcolm, What a wonderful day I had yesterday. The locations you took us to were simply stunning and the whole day was so informative, without your knowledge I could have carried on making the same mistakes and never progressed. I’ve learnt so much and will now approach my photography in a different way, I’ve been inspired! Thank you so much”

– Angela

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