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My Mission

My mission extends beyond mere conservation advocacy. It's a pledge to bolster small, local wildlife and conservation charities through visual storytelling. Leveraging my photographic skills, I aim to highlight the indispensable work of these organisations. Additionally, I shine a light on the dedicated individuals at their core. From volunteers nurturing our ecosystems to scientists exploring sustainable coexistence, my images and videos capture their commitment. This visual narrative tells the impactful stories of their contributions to preserving our natural world. By showcasing the crucial grazing roles of Dartmoor ponies and the symbiotic relationships within ecosystems, my Inspired By Wildlife initiative deepens public understanding. This appreciation of the meticulous balance our environment thrives on is driven by passionate efforts.


Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust

Since 2010, Inspired By Wildlife has been dedicated to capturing images and videos. These visuals illuminate the critical role of the Dartmoor pony in the landscape's ecological balance. This project aligns with and supports the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust's Management Plan. The focus is on:

  • Elevating the significance of Dartmoor ponies in conservation grazing.
  • Enhancing and fostering biodiversity across Dartmoor.
    Preserving the unique habitats formed by the ponies, crucial for various species.
  • At the heart of this initiative is Bellever, a 450-hectare conservation jewel managed by the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust since 2008.
  • Renowned for its high biodiversity and archaeological importance, Bellever serves as an educational and conservation hub.
Duchy of Cornwall

Duchy of Cornwall Dartmoor Curlew Project

The Dartmoor Curlew Conservation Initiative

The haunting call of the Curlew, once a familiar echo across Dartmoor, symbolizes the challenges facing our native wildlife. With a dramatic national decline, the Curlew now appears on the UK Birds of Conservation Concern's 'Red List'. Dartmoor remains a critical sanctuary for one of the most southerly breeding populations of this iconic species. Devon has seen an 85% reduction in Curlews since 1985.


Inspired by the dedicated interest of His Royal Highness, King Charles III, in Curlew conservation, efforts to monitor and protect these birds on Dartmoor began in 2005. Initial findings showed only a handful of nesting pairs facing significant predation threats. The National Curlew Summit of 2018, convened by His Royal Highness on Dartmoor, led to a multifaceted conservation strategy. This strategy includes habitat enhancement, targeted predator control, and an innovative 'head-starting' program developed by the Wildfowl and Wetlands Trust (WWT) to increase the bird population.

River Teign Restoration

River Teign Restoration Project

Embarking on a transformative journey, our four-year River Teign Restoration Initiative focuses on enhancing the habitat for migratory fish species, particularly Salmon and Seatrout. This ambitious project, fueled by a generous £243,100 grant from The National Lottery Heritage Fund, represents a collaborative endeavor. The Teign Angling & Conservation Association (TACA) leads this effort, in partnership with the National Trust, Westcountry Rivers Trust, Environment Agency, MED Theatre, and celebrated artist Peter Randall-Page.

Launched in February 2021, our mission extends across the river's catchment area. We aim to cultivate a passionate volunteer force committed to habitat restoration. Additionally, we bolster awareness of the river's critical role in supporting wildlife. Addressing the challenges leading to fish population declines, our project underscores the interconnectedness of all catchment inhabitants. This includes the smallest aquatic life forms and the human communities thriving along its banks.

The team asked me to build, design, and host the River Teign Restoration Project website.

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