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Dartmoor Stallions fatherly love

A Proud Stallion and His Son This Dartmoor stallion is so proud of his son. He gently nibbles and plays with him, gestures representing peace, security, and fatherly love. From birth, the Dartmoor stallion felt this same nurturing love from his mother. During the first half hour of his life, his mother licked him clean. […]

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Award Winning Photographer joins Dartmoor Pony and Conservation Charity as Patron

The Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust (DPHT) has announced that photographer Malcolm Snelgrove has become the charity’s new patron. Malcolm Snelgrove, known for his stunning equine and environmental photography, brings a wealth of experience and passion to the Dartmoor Pony Heritage Trust. The charity’s vision is to secure the future of the native Dartmoor pony and […]

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Horse photographer Malcolm Snelgrove Dartmoor has proved a healing place.

Horse Photographer Malcolm Snelgrove: Dartmoor’s Healing Landscape Making a living from a passion is a dream for most of us. For horse photographer Malcolm Snelgrove, Dartmoor has proved a healing place and a way of life. When it comes to Dartmoor, horse photographer Malcolm Snelgrove speaks of Devon’s wildest terrain like an old romantic. His […]

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The benefits of Dartmoor ponies as conservation grazers

Dartmoor ponies are among the most iconic species of any British moorland. However, their population has dramatically declined since the 1950s, raising concerns about their long-term survival. Recognizing their value as conservation grazers is becoming more urgent. Recent research highlights how Dartmoor ponies contribute significantly to conservation grazing and biodiversity. A research project released today […]

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Dartmoor photographer is part of The English National Parks Collection

Gems of Dartmoor: A Unique Photography Workshop Malcolm Snelgrove, a Devon-based photographer, has had his Dartmoor workshops chosen as part of the new English National Collection. His Gems of Dartmoor Photography Workshop is included in a collection of bookable experiences that tell the story of England’s National Parks, its people, landscapes, history, and cuisine. Funded […]

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